November 27, 2014

In a study of how the most successful people spend the first hour of each day, it was discovered many highly successful people spend some time thinking about the things for which they are most grateful.   Doing this puts them in the right frame of mind for the entire day.  It is a great attitude booster.


We often take for granted the many great blessings we have.  My mother used to tell me the best things in life are those which when given away, multiply.  Those would be love, friendship, respect, gratitude, and a smile.  I’m thankful to live in the United States – where we have so many amazing resources and opportunities available to us.  We have freedom, clean air and water and a country full of tremendous riches.  We are much better off than the 2 billion other people in this world who do not have these basic necessities.

As we begin this holiday season by celebrating Thanksgiving, think about the things you are most grateful for.  You will find this is...

November 25, 2014

Recently, I was conducting a workshop with high potential women from a Fortune 500 company.  One of the participants mentioned she was new to her team, and really wanted to fit in and develop great working relationships with the new team members.


My advice was to proactively look for ways to assist the other team members and look for opportunities to publically recognize their support.  Staff meetings are a great place to talk about the great work others on the team are doing and to recognize any help they have provided to you.  Also, any time you make a presentation you should consciously think about how you can recognize and talk positively about others in the audience.


While coaching an employee, I observed her as she presented a recently completed project.  She did a great job of giving an update on the technical aspects of the project and the value it would provide to the company, but what she failed to do was mention others in the audience who had been involved –even remotel...

November 24, 2014

A female executive recently contacted me about holiday gifts for her team via my website. When her team was smaller she was able to personally buy each person a nice gift; but her team has grown so large that this is now unaffordable.


My personal advice on gifts is that nothing you give will be more appreciated than a hand written thank you note.  People have such different tastes that it is hard to give something that everyone wants and needs.  If you do give a gift, most people today prefer a gift card.  But never give anything without the time and effort of including a personal note.


Another holiday suggestion is to host an event at your home, if possible. Your team will enjoy the opportunity to know more about you and nothing tells that story better than being welcomed into your home for some holiday cheer.


Lastly, look for a service project you and your team can work on together.  There are numerous worthy non-profits who can use your help.  This was one of the most powe...

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December 4, 2015