September 23, 2015


How To Make Powerful Executive Presentations

In my last post, I wrote about how you build and strengthen your personal brand– to set you apart as a leader and on the ladder to professional success. Another powerful way to build your brand is to develop strong presentation and public speaking skills.


If that makes you shudder in anxiety, you are not alone. Very few people are naturally good at delivering a public message. It takes work – coaching, practice, knowing your material and most importantly, your audience.  


Five Tips to Make More Impactful Presentations:


1.  Focus on the audience: The message may be important, but focus first on the audience. Who are you speaking to and what do they need to hear from you. Remember the WIIFM principle where audience members are typically thinking ‘What’s In It for Me?’ As speech expert Steve Brown notes: “Generally, people are more interested in themselves than they are in you.” Keeping this in mind, tailor your choice of topic and your ch...

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