November 17, 2015

Make the most of a feedback session

When asked about the thing most managers dread about their job, the number one response is giving constructive feedback. Yet this is the most important task for any leader. As someone who came out of college and was leading a team at 22 years old, I wish I’d had some guidance on how to make feedback sessions more effective for my team members. After 33 years in corporate America, here is a simple outline I learned to use for making the most of a feedback session.  


Before the meeting:

  • Find a private location to have the discussion and notify the employee that you want to have a discussion about performance. This will help take the surprise out of the meeting.  

  • Beware of feedback overload. Most individuals can get overwhelmed when you are giving them feedback on more than two areas, so be sure to focus your discussion on a few specific items.

  • Do your homework. Make sure you can give specific examples of problem areas or areas where the em...

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