October 14, 2015


Take Charge of Your Career: Learn to Listen


You have two ears, are you using them? Here’s how to leverage them more effectively to be a better listener.


Listening is a key skill for any leader, especially in today’s world where leaders are more dependant than ever on feedback from the front line. Things are changing too fast for any individual to keep up in a vacuum. Having an environment where people feel free to speak up, and respected when they do, is vital.


For many years I struggled with feedback I received that I was not a good listener. In my efforts to improve in this area I found a couple of changes to my behavior that proved invaluable.


Three Tips to Become a Better Listener

  1. Seek Input To Glean Insight From Others: When you are the leader it is especially important that you seek input from others upfront before stating your views. I am an extrovert and quickly ready to share my views. When you do this, you shut down input from subordinates and others who may not feel...

October 12, 2015



How to Receive Constructive Feedback from Your Boss


When writing my book DARE, I interviewed many women, but also men. In talking with the men I asked: “If you could give women in the workplace one piece of advice, what would it be?” The number one response I received was “I wish women would not be so defensive when I give them constructive feedback."  Many men said they would not give candid feedback to women because women typically get too emotional or upset. Women managers, on the other hand felt that men got very combative when receiving their feedback, leading to a breakdown of the process.


My initial response was to tell both men and women they may want to think about how their feedback was delivered. We are all better able to absorb feedback when it is delivered in a caring fashion.  However, feedback really is a gift. I have learned over the years it is only people who really care about us who will take the time to give us honest and candid feedback. ...

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December 4, 2015