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Reviews for DARE

“Dare… takes over where Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In falls short… The book provides practical advice on how women can ‘lean in’ even without the platform of a brand name college or network. It’s a guide for those starting at the bottom rung of the ladder, but have their eyes set on the top.”—Ruchika Tulshyan,




“I have known and worked with Becky Blalock for years and always admired her energy, leadership, and ability to get things done. I am so glad that she has taken the time to share her success philosophy, and that of other remarkable women. Dare informs, entertains, and shows you the way to reach your highest potential.”—Gail Evans, author, New York Times bestseller, Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman“




Today there are more women than ever in leadership positions in business. This journey isn’t easy, but for women who aspire to achieve corporate success, Dare is the chance to learn from some of the best.”—Stacey D. Stewart, U.S. President, United Way Worldwide




“Dare provides an empowering roadmap for anyone who wants to break through professional and personal glass ceilings that can hold us back from long-term success. Becky's impassioned encouragement to become an intentional, lifelong learner, with coaches and mentors to support and keep us accountable, provides a practical path to the rewards of the C-suite.”—Keith Ferrazzi, founder and chairman, Ferrazzi Greenlight, and author, New York Times bestsellers Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone




“Dare sends a resounding message to women of the world: if you have the audacity to shape and improve the world around you, you can achieve it. Blalock’s lessons are honest and thoughtful—they extend beyond corporate experience and will resonate with anyone aspiring to leadership.”—Alyse Nelson, president and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership, and author, Vital Voices




“This practical playbook will help you become a better leader, a better colleague, and a better human being. Dare is packed with immediately applicable tips and techniques.”—Christine Comaford, author, New York Times bestseller Rules for Renegades and SmartTribes




“Becky is a proven leader who has captured in Dare what it takes to succeed in the business world. I saw these lessons in action first-hand when she was on my team at Southern Company. Anyone, male or female, can learn to be a stronger leader by following this timeless advice.”—Bill Dahlberg, retired chairman of the board and CEO, Southern Company




“Dare will give you that push we all need from time to time, showing you how to excel by believing in yourself, acting boldly, and being unafraid to take risks.”—Carole Hyatt, bestselling author, and founder and CEO, The Leadership Forum




“Are you still waiting to be noticed? Stop it. Becky Blalock shows you how to overcome the single biggest thing that holds women back: fear. Read Dare and learn how to boldly seize the reins of your career, and your life.”—Lisa Earle McLeod, author, Selling with Noble Purpose




“Becky has assembled a treasure trove of practical, well-illustrated advice, from communication techniques to getting valuable personal feedback to negotiating salaries and much more. Her personal stories are supplemented with research and vignettes from other successful executives. A valuable book for every woman in business!”—Martha Brooks, retired president and COO, Novelis, Inc., and board member, Bombardier, Harley-Davidson, and Jabil Circuit, Inc.




“Looking for something to help you tackle a challenge in your career? In Dare, you will find the encouragement and coaching you need to believe in yourself and challenge the status quo. Successful women share their stories of lessons learned, and practical advice is given to provide you with the confidence to tackle anything. Everyone's journey is different. Learn from the best, apply it to your situation, and enjoy success.”—Mylle Mangum, chairman and CEO, IBT Holdings, and board director, Reynolds Metals Company, Haverty Furniture Companies, Barnes Group, Express Inc., PRGX Global Inc., and Decatur First Bank




“Top leadership in corporate America is no longer a lofty goal for women. Dare is full of wisdom from great female leaders who help you understand how you, too, can reach your full potential.”—Susan Stautberg, co-founder and co-chair, WomenCorporateDirectors, and president, Partnercom




“Becky has been a leader in the United Way movement as well as in business. She has brought her full experience to this leadership book by women, for women. It has taken years to reach a point where there are enough women in senior roles to model the way for others, and Dare contains priceless wisdom from some of the most accomplished women of our time. Their lessons learned and success strategies will boost your confidence and challenge you to achieve more.”—Cynthia Round, executive vice president, United Way Worldwide




“Dare is an excellent resource for any professional woman. Becky’s practical and insightful advice will give you a clear path to the top.”—Kathy Ameche, author and traveler-in-chief,




“Becky Blalock has risen to the very top of the male-dominated information technology industry. She is a national treasure. Dare is simultaneously inspirational, informational, operational, and recreational. A must-read for future leaders of every gender.”—Thornton May, futurist; author, The New Know; executive director, IT Leadership Academy

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