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Trailblazer making an impact through IT

August 21, 2020

Q&A with Becky Blalock who spent 33 years with Southern Company, where she became senior vice president and CIO. See page S18 for an insightful interview with Becky Blalock.

Becky Blalock: IT Thought Leader, Author & Speaker

March 2019

Video introduction for Becky Blalock's keynote at the InspireCIO Leadership Network Dallas 2019. The CIO of the Year ORBIE Award recognizes CIOs in North Texas who have shown excellence in technology leadership.

Why North Texas CIOs need to keep a sharp eye on future

February 13, 2019

Blalock will be giving the keynote address that looks at risk-taking at the Dallas CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards on Feb. 22. The event recognizes executives in that role who have demonstrated excellence in technology leadership. 

Just Like the Flu Shot, Cyber Prevention is No Sure Thing

August 28, 2018

Getting a flu shot doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu. And so it is with cyber breach prevention. Yes, companies and individuals need to be diligent about deploying the latest tools and training to help secure their systems. But let’s face it. For each new technology to prevent a breach, a new one is developed to compromise it. So, it is important to be . . .

Atlanta Cyber Week - Cybercon 2018

August 27, 2018

I am pleased to announce that Becky Blalock, Managing Partner for Advisory Capital, will be joining us as a Panelist at Cybercon 2018. Cybercon is an official Atlanta Cyber Week event and will be held October 9, 2018 at Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Atlanta, GA. Be sure to reserve your seat at Cybercon and register now! #ATLCyberWeek #Cybercon18 

Building the confidence, courage, and mindset fundamental to making it to the C-Suite, with former CIO of Southern Company, Becky Blalock

August 7, 2018

Becky Blalock talks about her book, DARE, and why it is important for her to help other women successfully navigate their careers. In this podcast, she provides inspiring, concrete advice for anyone struggling to recover from negative experiences at work that has affected their self-confidence. She also shares . . .


June 23, 2017

Build your confidence by reaching outside of your comfort zone.

Becky Blalock who is now famous for her book “DARE” worked as a secretary to psychology professors; worked retail in a clothing store, and doing market research for a professor while in college. She rose to be the chief information officer of Southern Company, leading with grace through a disruptive time in energy technology.

Becky shares tips on how to go from “just a job” to the C-suite where. . .

November 6, 2017 by Thornton May

Technology permeates our lives. This is no time for IT to flounder within the enterprise.


I asked the high performers in my network what they thought organizations needed to do to get back on track toward building an Ideal IT organization . . .


Bold Women of Buckhead

June 2017 by Karina Timmel

There is no typical day in the life of Becky Blalock. She may be writing an article for the Wall Street Journal about her book, DARE; attending a customer event for Tech Mahindra, a global IT sourcing company based in India; or speaking to an engaged group of successful women, as one of them. Her first job. . .

17 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2017

January 2017 by Lisa Calhoun

Get the inside track on how to create change.


It's time to get your head around what matters for you in 2017. And to do that, you need not just inspiration, but motivation to deliver on your dreams. No better place to turn than this list of 17 inspiring women. They are each vibrant examples of . . .

Superbwomen Becky Blalock: DARE to Take Charge of Your Career

October 18, 2015 by Janet M Neal

Becky Blalock, Former SVP & CIO, on how to be successful and her rise to the C-suite.

2015 Atlanta Technology Who's Who

June 13, 2015 by Patsy Conn

Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Who’s Who in Technology 2015, features 100 people leading the metro area’s growing technology industry.


Statewide, the technology sector employed 272,408 workers in 2014, up more than 10 percent and by more than 25,000 net new jobs...

Fall 2014 by Cara Hergenroether

Corporate Executive and author Becky Blalock challenges JLA leaders to face their fears and dare to succeed.

Fall 2014

 When Becky Blalock retired as Chief Information Officer of Southern Co. in 2011, capping off an unparalleled 33-year career as the first female CIO ...

13 Ways To Teach Yourself To Be More Confident

Minda Zetlin - Apr. 24, 2014

Are you as confident as you'd like to be? Few people would answer "yes" to that question. But, according to Becky Blalock...

11 Books to Buy People Who Loved Lean In

Kathryn Williams - December 2, 2013

When Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In came out in March, its working girl’s pep talk seemed to be all anyone, XX or XY, was talking about...

Book Review: Dare By Becky Blalock

Holly Bertram - November 10, 2013

In her book, Dare, Becky Blalock, doesn’t shock or bore you with a list of hard hitting facts or ground-breaking, earth-shattering secrets that will change your idea of “career” as you know it but instead, Blalock offers guidance, insight and . . .


Develop the Confidence to Grow Your Small Business

Julie Knudson - December 30, 2013

Nearly everyone suffers from a lack of self-confidence at some point, whether it's a concern about succeeding in a difficult market or a fear that niche skills—negotiating contracts, understanding funding options—are out of reach. Becky Blalock says that self-assurance doesn't have to be the personality trait that got away...

10 Steps to Executive-Level Confidence

Becky Blalock - October 15, 2013

Making the move from middle management to the executive suite requires a healthy dose of confidence. Executives have to make critical,...

10 Ways Women Can Dare To Grow Their Businesses Big

Geri Stengel - November 6, 2013

“While the number of women-owned firms is increasing faster than the national average, we see time and time again that women remain less likely to grow their firms to scale. Just 2% of women-owned firms have passed...

An Eye-Opening Woman's View from the CIO Seat

Don Tennant - October 16, 2013

Far too few CIOs and former CIOs have demonstrated the fortitude to subject themselves to the demanding exercise of writing a book to share their experiences and allow others to benefit from what they’ve learned in what may be the hottest seat in the C-suite...

Atlanta100 Crossroads with Becky Blalock

100-word stories
100-second videos
on topics of intrigue

Interview and video with Becky Blalock.


I found out I really loved business.” - Becky Blalock

Becky Blalock and Helene Lollis – Straight Talk

January 17, 2014

Growth Matters radio interview with Becky Blalock,Author of DARE, and Helene Lollis, President of PATHBUILDERS, on confidence, courage and career. . .


Becky Blalock's Big Dare

Peter High - April 15, 2014

Former CIO Becky Blalock reflects on her decades-long career in IT and offers advice about self-confidence, risk taking, leadership and the lack of women in IT.


Fourth Quarter 2013 - Thought Leadership

From a round-up of new books, insights on reputation, character, career risk, leadership transitions, achieving exceptional performance … and consumers vs. engineers.


DARE: A book to use and not just read

Jeffery Rosensweig - October 11, 2013

During 25 years as a business professor, I've spoken to many women in major leadership positions. One quality that they all cited as being vital to success is the...

Dare to Know Yourself and Your Weaknesses

Becky Blalock - October 28, 2013

Dr. Peter Buckley, the dean of the School of Psychology at Georgia Regents University, told me “the ability to improve your attitude and confidence is directly tied to self-awareness.  Having a clear vision of what you want, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and having the ability to hear and be open to feedback are essential elements of a confident...

Empower Interview with Jordyn Goodman

April 8, 2014

Audio interview with Jordyn Goodman on LA Talk Radio about DARE book.


My interview begins 34:38

Expert Advice on How to Be a More Confident Business Lea

Tim Parker - September 5, 2013

Running a successful small business is reason enough to be confident about your leadership skills. But exuding that confidence doesn’t come easily for some entrepreneurs, which unfortunately may...

Failure is Means to Success

Jim Pawlak - November 4, 2013

“How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life” by Scott Adams (Portfolio, $27.95). If you've read Adams's Dilbert cartoons, you've smiled and saw the folly in workplace life. His life's allegory served as inspiration for many of the cartoons; in many situations, he was Dilbert...

Five Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Becky Blalock - August 14, 2013

I have watched many talented people struggle to advance beyond middle management and through the glass ceiling. Women have particular trouble making the leap: while women hold over half of the professional...

Forget 'Lean In' : Dare to Succeed

Ruchika Tulshyan - October 28, 2013

The South can be a tough place to be a successful woman. In the short time I spent as a financial reporter in Atlanta, I rarely met C-level women. I can only imagine how patriarchal the landscape was 35 years ago when Becky Blalock, former CIO of Southern Company, got her first job...

Former CIO Talks New Book and Encouraging Women

Gianna Carme - October 11, 2013

A Conversation with Becky Blalock

Women in the workplace was the main topic of conversation as the Metro Atlanta Chamber welcomed Becky Blalock to discuss leadership, career experience and her new book, “Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for Women in Charge.”

Gen Y Women: Better Than Their Mothers?

L. Nicole Williams - November 1, 2013

When comparing the motivations and confidence levels of Gen Y entrepreneurs and their Baby Boomer moms, a recent survey shows Gen Y are off to a much quicker start...

Carla Caldwell - December 16, 2013

More than 700 graduates were honored on Sunday at Georgia Regents University’s first fall commencement ceremony as a consolidated university,

Global Leader Radio Interview on Making A Difference

Alvin C Miles - May 2013

Becky Blalock and Lisa McLeod discuss how executives can make a difference personally & professionally by combining business acumen with interpersonal skills ...

How to #ReadWomen2014 in Genres Other Than Literary Fiction


Every woman who counts Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In as her business bible shouldn't be lulled into relying on one sole female font of wisdom. That's where former Chief Information Officer of Southern Company Becky Blalock comes in...

Leading Women Want More To Follow; Earn C-Suite Seats

Sonja Carberry - December 12, 2013

Women hold less than 20% of C-suite positions in the Fortune 500. To tip the scales, follow these leaders: • Listen to experience."Dare" author Becky Blalock . . . .


Travis Highfield - December 15, 2013

Becky Blalock, the former senior vice president and chief information officer of Southern Co., delivered the commencement address, urging the graduates to set high goals for the future...

Studio 61 Interview with Ricky Steele

Ricky Steele - October 18, 2013

Men will receive just as much as women will by listening to Becky’s success story. I only wish Becky had written this book 30 years ago. I could have been more proactive than I was at promoting, nurturing, and mentoring the women ...

The Business Book Best Seller List for October 2013

November, 2013

Each month we compile a list of our top selling books. These books are featured on our site,

The Grill: Becky Blalock counsels women to get in front of decision-makers

Julia King - November 4, 2013

In her 33-year career with $18 billion Southern Co., IT veteran and first-time author Becky Blalock held positions in accounting, finance, corporate communications, external affairs and IT, where she rose to the rank of senior vice president and CIO before retiring in 2011. Regardless of the department, she continually encountered young women starved for career tips who sought mentors...

The Unconscious Nature of Excluding Women from Workplace Opportunities

Don Tennant - October 23, 2013

Last week I wrote about my interview with Becky Blalock, former CIO at the Atlanta-based energy giant, Southern Company, and her insights on such issues as the dearth of women in corporate boardrooms. What warrants equal coverage is the illuminating information...

Twitter and the Fed: For Women, One Step Forward, One Back

Becky Blalock - October 11, 2013

With her recent presidential nomination to chair the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen moves into once-unthinkable territory for women. As the first female head in the 100-year history of the Fed, Yellen gains a truly inspirational role and one for which she is infinitely qualified...

What Are Your Priorities? Seek Input from Your Kids

Susan Wenner Jackson - November 8, 2013

One of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make was should I return to work after my daughter was born.

I loved my daughter, but I had worked three jobs to put myself through college and I had a very successful career that I loved. It wasn’t easy but I made the decision to return to work. I look back on that decision...

Women Need To Take More Risks To Climb Corporate Ladder

Joshua Stewart - November 7, 2013

Women make up about half of the nation’s workforce and more than half of all professional and manager-level jobs, according to federal data. But they fill just a small percentage of executive-level jobs and corporate board seats. Becky Blalock is trying to change that...

Women in the Boardroom - Building Confidence

Million Dollar Mindset with Marla Tabaska

It’s a question we hear over and over. Why the lack of females in the board room? Becky Blalock has some ideas on why and what can be done. . .

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