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Keynote Speeches

Practical ideas and tips for achieving greater success.

Depending on your organizational goals, Becky’s speaking engagements can be structured as a keynote, a conversational Q&A about her experience as trailblazer to the C-suite, her experience as an award-winning CIO and/or her best-selling book DARE or an interactive workshop.


  • DARE: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage and Courage

  • DARE to Take Charge of Your Career

  • DARE to Reach Your Dreams

  • DARE to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • DARE To be BOLD

  • The Importance of Giving Back

  • Where Are the Girls?

  • Women in Technology

  • Women, What You Need To Know(session designed for men)

  • Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude

What's Next - 40 under 40?

Keynote for Georgia Trend Magazine

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

TEDx Spotlight Talk

Fortune 500 Clients

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