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DARE Workshops

I. DARE to Begin Within: Building an Individual Development Plan


Workshop Description: Building on the Confidence Quiz offered on Becky’s website: This workshop gives participants an opportunity to reflect on their goals and dreams and gain insight, wisdom and support from the workshop staff, as well as from other participants.  Combining individual reflection time, small group exercises, and a series of other tools, participants will complete a solid and comprehensive individual development plan by the end of the workshop

Writing your plan is the first step in making it happen. This inspirational workshop combines fun, wisdom, planning tools, and best practices for making your career goals come true.


Length: One Day

Pre-requisite: None

Offered: As Requested

II. DARE: Confidence, Courage and Career Building Workshop


Workshop Description:  Based on Becky Blalock’s book Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage and Career for Women in Charge, this workshop focuses on the three key areas of Becky’s book, with supporting research from corporate career experts.  Participants will engage in a number of different exercises designed to build awareness, learn strategies, skills, and techniques to develop more effectiveness in managing one’s career.


Length: Day and One-Half

Pre-requisite: None – recommended to complete “DARE to Begin Within: Building an Individual Development Plan”

Offered: As Requested



III. DARE Academy:


Workshop Description:  Held off-site in a resort environment, the annual DARE Academy is a unique opportunity to network with DARE workshop alumni and industry leaders in career advancement for women.  Attendees will be offered a variety of learning experiences over the two and one-half day event – beginning with a gala dinner with networking opportunities and entertainment.  Becky Blalock will start the next morning with an inspirational keynote welcoming speech. 

     Workshops and activities will be offered by pre-selection when registering, and will complete the day of learning opportunities.  There will be a cocktail reception with Becky and other invited guests. Dinner will follow with a keynote by an industry leader.  The next day will be a busy morning packed with workshop and activity offerings followed by a lunch and keynote speaker.  A closing ceremony with action planning and testimonials will wrap-up the academy by 3:00 pm on the last day.

      The Academy offers a thrilling and special place to network in your industries of choice and establish key new contacts, as well as gain valuable career management knowledge.  Do not miss it!  Enrollment will be capped at the first 200 participants.



Workshops are customizable. Please contact to request information and a custom proposal for your organization.

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