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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

“Personal Branding is the ultimate investment in yourself. If you don’t, why should you expect anyone else to?” – Rachel Quilty, Author, Brand Yourself.

When it comes to women wanting to scale the ranks to senior leadership, Personal Branding becomes especially important.

Instead of worrying about fighting gender issues in top leadership, I want you do something more empowering: I DARE you to stand out on your own terms.

How do you that? You do it by creating an unassailable personal brand around integrity, excellence, and results and become a gracious and relentless advocate for yourself in the workplace.

What is your personal brand?

Simply put, it’s the way you present yourself and your reputation. It represents the value proposition you offer your colleagues, subordinates, bosses, customers, and community.

It proclaims to the world how you stand out – and simultaneously fit in. You have a brand just like major corporations. Your brand is what people say about you when you are NOT in the room. Can you list the two to three words people would use to describe you? Are they the right words to help you achieve your long-term goals? If not, here are some tips to help:

5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand:

1. Make Trust and Integrity Your Cornerstone: All successful personal brands have these two traits as their central core. Especially at a time when trust in business leaders/CEOs continues to plummet. In fact, the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual trust and credibility survey, found that for the third consecutive year, trust in the CEO as a credible spokesperson plummeted, with trust levels now at 31 percent in developed markets. In 2014, the same survey found that only one in five respondents expected business leaders to tell the truth and make ethical and moral decisions.

In such a dismal atmosphere, trust and integrity are vital – and a differentiator. If your colleagues, customers, vendors don’t trust you, they wont stick with you when you need them the most, even if they do any business with you. Acting with integrity means acting according to your values. Take time to think about what you consider acceptable, right, and valuable in your work and life. Articulate and define those standards for yourself. The standards you choose will be the structure that supports how you conduct your life both in and outside business.