Do You Have Guilty Working Mother Syndrome?

I suffered terribly with guilt as I struggled to be successful in my job and to provide a great foundation for my child’s success. I was the only working mother in my neighborhood when my daughter was born in 1990 and the only one of my “friend group” who elected to return to work after my child was born. In fact, when my co-workers found out I was expecting, most did not expect me to return to work after her birth. But I had worked three jobs to put myself through undergraduate school, attended graduate school at night while working full time and had worked hard to establish a successful career. For me, work was where I wanted to be. I had no intention of staying home. I respect people

Begin Within - Write It Down

During the past year, I have talked with numerous groups and I always ask the audience if they have a written plan for their personal success, which outlines what they want to accomplish in the next five years. There are usually only a few hands that are raised in response to the question. I must confess I would not have been with this group during most of my career journey. I was told that I needed to write out my goals, but it was never emphasized. I figured I had it all in my head so there was no need to write it down. I sure wish someone had pushed me harder to do this and helped me understand why it is so important. If you are not willing to invest the time and effort to articulate y

Let's Close the Pay Gap

Having managed large teams of both men and women one noticeable difference I witnessed is how aggressive and focused men are in asking for what they want. This really stood out to me because I myself had never been forward and aggressive in asking for more pay or advocating for myself. Why is this? I think it is that most women are programmed early in life to . . . not ask. We’ve been told to “wait to be asked”. I saw this play out just last week when a young woman in my neighborhood and I were discussing her distress over the fact that a boy she had dated all year asked another person to the prom. When I asked her why she didn’t just ask someone else her reply was, “Oh no, I can’t do that.

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